VeryDesignersBlock _ 2015.9.15

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VeryDesignersBlock _ 2015.9.15

Imagery Code, Luxury Ceramic Brand based on unique design and strong story concept, always has made a constant effort to blend contemporary formative art into ceramics for delivering Art Inspiration in your daily life. Each collections and items have their own character and stories about a count family through products.

It is to provide ‘Not a Product but Artwork’ for making that possible to with various uses of interesting display. All products have made based on handmade sculpture techniques and used Korean traditional porcelain with liquid gold luster that have specific and iconic materials of Imagery Code.

So Imagery Code will show you contemporary porcelain of new addition to modern aesthetics and have purpose to express the beauty of implied secret story.

Moreover, these collections and items are season-less, and the stories are being continued by adding items time to time.
it has concentrated on designing the product which involves tales or specific story based on Magical Realism to deliver new life style in your daily life.

Imagery Code : Concept

Imagery Code inspired by Greek and Roman mythology and shows classic beauty and mysteriousness based on Magical Realism. It has been solved secret code which is covered under the harmonious and classic beauty between esthetic values and splendid of Baroque and Renaissance period.

Imagery Code : Collection

British afternoon tea is not just TEA. It is the specific culture to share and inspire their life style for a long time. The Magical Ensemble, the artwork, is inspired of Afternoon tea party reflected by British narrative element. It is concentrated THE PARTY on objects not on people as users. Each pieces of the art work has a character and story to anthropomorphize on the table. The Tea Party, now, is the party of objects such as tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, and tea cup. So people have invited on their party for long time. They are the real protagonist and host of the afternoon tea culture.

The Secret Mystery

About hidden and abandoned old castle’s mystery in countryside.

The Ringing Repertory

The banquet of jewels ringing constantly somewhere.

Magical Ensemble

Sketch and splendid at midnight

You are able to start ART on your table together with the First Collections of Imagery Code.

Your secret tales, kept in you for a long time, comes true with Imagery Code.