Secret Mystery

해질 무렵 어디서인가 들려오는 아름다운 울림. 그 소리를 따라가 보니 먼지 쌓인 긴 테이블 위에서 진귀한 보석들이 한 곳에 모여 그들만의 파티가 열렸다.

다이아몬드, 루비, 사파이어, 진주… 고귀한 자태를 품고 끊임없이 아름다운 울림을 선사하는 보석들의 향연에 초대합니다.

Ringing Repertory Collection consists of tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, tea cup set inspired ancient jewels and ring, and also made by Korean porcelain and liquid gold luster to symbolize wealth and royalty. The collection based on contemporary design mixed with detailed handle sculpture to make your teatime more attractive.
A beautiful echo coming into hearing somewhere at dusk. After following to the echo, there was the party of all rare and precious jewels gather on the long and dust ridden table. All jewels invite you to the snare constantly presenting beautiful echo

and boasting a graceful and noble figure.


Diamond Pot
Diamond JugDiamond Bowl
Diamond Ring
Rubi Ring
Sapphire RingPearl Ring